Vegan Wedding Photographer

While this is not entirely photography related, I wanted to add a little bit of a write up on this because I’ve noticed that this resonates with a lot more of my couples recently. I’ve got to be the photographer at some gorgeous TOTALLY vegan weddings this year and I’m having so many conversations about it!

I decided to try a meat free month back in 2016 after watching a short facebook video about the impact on the planet and it was the first time I’d really seen it in that way. I watched and read more and just couldn’t bring myself to eat it again once the month was up. Then in early 2019 I wanted to try vegan and again, quickly realised it was permanent change. I can’t claim to be perfect but along the way I’ve learned so much more about my own reasons for living the vegan life and what other changes I can make for the planet both at home and work. If you’re interested in trying vegan, there are some great shows on Netflix and Prime that cover health, environmental impact and animal cruelty, I’d be happy to recommend some!

vegan wedding photographer

Vegan Wedding Photographer

The bit that is to do with photography – At work, the wedding albums I offer are 100% vegan and cruelty free, using gorgeous eco-leather, inks, binding and glues. My kit bags are vegan leather and I’ve built up a list of other vegan wedding suppliers too that I’d be happy to recommend. My wedding contracts and regular client contact is paperless and I offer video chats as an alternative to travel for meetings when possible. Shooting weddings obviously involves a lot of necessary travelling and to tackle that this year I’m tracking and offsetting my carbon emissions to achieve a carbon neutral status. When I am travelling I drive a pure-drive Qashqai, which means it is fuel efficient and low on emissions, plus its tax-free, yay!

So if you’re looking for a vegan wedding photographer, you found me! I’d love to chat to you about your wedding plans, fave vegan restaurants and which milk alternative is the best – I’m team Oatly Barista!

vegan wedding photographer

Sustainable Wedding Suppliers

If you are having a vegan wedding, or are looking for sustainable wedding suppliers I’d love to recommend some for you! Susan at Florist by Nature for example, says ‘I’m always looking for ways to achieve gorgeous wedding and event flowers with as little impact on the environment as possible. I’m passionate about using local products and greenery in order to lower my carbon footprint, and to encourage sustainability and to support British growers. In fact I’m making it my goal to be able to prove that lavish wedding floristry can be achieved in an environmentally friendly way which is workable to a client’s budget and can still look incredible and jaw dropping’

Carbon Neutral Wedding Photography

Back in 2020 I started off-setting my personal and business emissions through Ecologi, and in 2022 I started to also plant 25 for each trees photographed with them too. You can see the impact its making in my forest here!

vegan wedding photographer


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