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I met Emma and Ade in 2019 when they accompanied my couple’s pooch as a professional dog chaperone service. They’ve kindly shared some words on how their service works and some advice on having your dog at your wedding!

How long have you been wedding dog chaperones?

We have been established since May 2018 and very proud to be one of the first Professional Wedding Dog Chaperones in the UK and in our home county of Staffordshire. We are a husband and wife team who are life-long animal lovers and pet owners with 18+ years experience in the Pet Care Industry.

How did the dog chaperone business come about?

In 2017, we decided it was the right time for Ade to change career direction and pursue his lifelong dream of working with dogs. He is like the dog whisperer! Ade became a fully qualified Dog Grooming Stylist and then we decided to also set up several additional pet care services which included dog walking, puppy visits, pet sitting, cat care at home and mobile micro chipping. We also have a sister company called Precious Pets Micro ID.

In 2016/2017 many of our friends and family were getting married and they all owned dogs. Kennels was not an option for their dogs on their wedding day. As a wedding gift, we chaperoned their dogs at their wedding for photographs and even coordinated a surprise ring bearer. Whilst putting our business strategy together, we decided to launch our Official Wedding Dog Chaperone Service. The feedback we received was unbelievable and extremely positive. Dogs are family and couples wanted their dog at their wedding but were really struggling with logistics. Everyone they trust to normally care for their dog would be actually attending the wedding.

It became apparent to us that there was a huge gap in the market for our unique Wedding Dog Chaperone Service. So, Precious Pets Weddings was born and the rest is history. We have been overwhelmed by all the bookings, couples’ testimonials and wedding venue and supplier collaborations.

Wedding dog ring bearer

How does a dog chaperone work on a wedding day?

Couples are throwing out the rule book, breaking with tradition and redefining what a modern wedding looks like. One of the biggest wedding trends for 2023 and beyond is for couples to have their dog attend their wedding. Couples would love to have their fur baby attend one of their most wonderful and exciting days of their life but struggle with logistics to ensure all of their friends and family members don’t miss out on any part of their wedding day.

Our chaperone service covers pre, during and post wedding day pet care! We plan, co-ordinate and take away the stress for the couple so their dog can be part of their wedding! Whether they would like their fur baby to be ring bearer, best man, flower girl or attend for an hour or two for the wedding photographs, we are here to make all of their wedding dreams a reality. We also offer the opportunity for the dog to be meet & greeter as the wedding party arrives!

Our chaperone package is tailored made to each couple’s wedding requirements and can include full day pet care so they can you relax and enjoy the whole of their magical wedding day. We also create behind the scenes photographs and footage from the dog’s perspective on the wedding day! This is sent to the couples post their wedding. A WhatsApp group is created following the mandatory pre wedding meet & greet. This is to communicate with couples running up to their big day and for updates on their actual wedding day. (when we are on our pre wedding walks, have chaperoned their dog to their overnight accommodation / doggie hotel).

Not all dogs are suitable to attend a wedding, this may be due to temperament, age, health issues etc. As an alternative to Wedding Chaperone Service we also offer fully inclusive Wedding Day Pet Sitting Service.

Wedding Dog daycare

What are your top wedding planning tips for couples?

1. Check your wedding venue is dog friendly.

2. Find a dog-loving photographer / videographer. Whoever you choose, make sure to let them know what your plans are for having your dog at your wedding

3. Consider your dog’s temperament and what their roles might be. There are so many ways you can involve your dog at your wedding – they could be your ring bearer, VIP guest or flower dog. They could even walk down the aisle with a member of your wedding party but please ensure that your dog has the right temperament to cope with all the attention.

4. Invest in a Dog Chaperone. A dog chaperone service like us, will plan, coordinate, and take all the stresses on your wedding day. Our chaperone service is very much in demand, with couples booking them for 2023, 2024 and beyond so please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

5. Choose them an epic outfit! If you are considering a special dog wedding flower collar or tuxedo harness, make sure that it is safe, made to fit and comfortable for your dog. Certain flowers or foliage can be poisonous to dogs, so it is vital to check or consider artificial flowers.

6. Finally, let your guests know… A simple note on your invitations or wedding website, or just telling your guests that you plan to have your dog with you at your wedding means that they come prepared, especially if someone is nervous around dogs or allergic to them. However, if your dog is a surprise guest or ring bearer it may be advisable that you make only the nervous / anxious guests aware!

Wedding Dog Chaperone Foxtail Barns

How far in advance should couples be booking a chaperone?

The wedding industry is seeing its busiest time ever and our 2023/2024 dates are filling up fast. We have even been approached to open up our 2025 waiting list. We advise booking our chaperone service 12-18 months in advance.

What is your favourite part of the day?

We enjoy the whole day and experience as Wedding Dog Chaperones and it is a honour to be personally involved in a couples’ wedding day and their actual ceremony. The facial expressions and emotions of the couple and their guests when their dog arrives in style and delivers the rings down the aisle as a beautiful ring bearer is priceless!. It is also such a great feeling to witness the couples’ sense of relief that the dream of their dog attending their wedding has become a reality. They also have complete peace of mind knowing their dog is cared for, for the whole of their special day!

Wedding Dog Chaperone Foxtail Barn

You can find more on Emma & Ade here..

Precious Pets Weddings

‘Secret’ Chaperone, Multiple Dogs & Ring Bearer Co-ordination Specialists. Caring for your dog is more than just a business to us, it’s our passion! As a husband and wife family-run business, our ethos is to look after your pets as if they were our own, whilst delivering a professional wedding day pet care service. As seen on The One Show, This Morning, Dragons’ Den & The Sunday Times


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